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Damian interviewed in internal Advisory Board Company Newsletter: March 2015

from Damian:

      1976: Grosse Pointe South High School Graduation Address: "I was forced to leave a world today..."

     "He Fell Under Me" A true story of my most memorable moment on a dance floor.

     A Project Manager's Dilemna: A reflection on what can be a maddening role in a technology company

About the Occupation of Gaza & The West Bank
(3 pieces from 1953, 1954, & 1975)

    3 Israeli Leaders on the Occupation of Gaza & The West Bank

About Abraham Lincoln:

    Lincoln's Condolence Letter to Mrs. Bixby...

        It was believed that Mrs. Bixby of Boston lost 5 sons in the war... (actually two, and not five, of Mrs. Bixby's sons were killed)

   The Sullivan Ballou Letter ...
        Written in anticipation of The Battle of Bull Run: July 14th, 1861

   President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is the only speech I have memorized.
        (and is an inspiration to me, even today... A clear, cogent and eloquent expression of the work at hand in the Civil War)

   A Window of Vulnerability: The Counting of Electoral Votes in 1861...
        (and is an inspiration to me, even today... A clear, cogent and eloquent expression of the work at hand in the Civil War)

Merlin on Gods's Light - An excerpt from The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart

from "A Private History of Awe" By Scott Russel Sanders:
     Regarding Science & Physics          
     Regarding Religion          

Current Affairs pieces:
     War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges          
          (from Amnesty International NOW magazine, Winter 2002)

I believe that Kevin Phillips is one of the most important political/economic/social authors of our time:     
        Excerpts from "Wealth & Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich"
        Damian's review of Wealth And Democracy - written for, and published (for a time) on
        Exerpts from "Arrogant Capital: Washington, Wall Street, and the Frustration of American Politics"

The best speech I've ever read on Vietnam was given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (one of my heroes), in 1967
      (exchange the word "Communism" for "Terrorism" in this writing, and the truth of these words seems all too timely and poignant)

Why are we still in Vietnam? Preface to The Vietnam Wars: 1945-1990 by Marilyn B. Young
      (This piece points out that "that war continues to be a primary instrument of American foreign policy and the call to arms a first response to international disputes")

An excerpt from Demian, by Herman Hesse points to the loss of spiritual integrity in both the individual and society
      (as in all expressions of truth, there seems to be a timelessness to these observations)

A Well-Considered piece on Ecomic Growth
      (actually picked this up from the back of a box of Celestial Seasons Chamomile tea)


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